26 Jun: The Brooklin Diaries

How do you feel about a sneak peek at the BML 20 test build? And then some interesting insight to Mr P. work on the BML 24, a 1934 Ford and Neil's mould making process for the left hand door interior for the LDM 123, a 1935 Brough Superior 8.

12 Jun: The Brooklin Diaries

Among the secrets of the week you will find the artwork that gets printed onto the brass sheet; the master for the new model, a 1934 Ford 5-WINDOW COUPE and some tips about how to use vaseline and avoid trouble with sticking to the plasticine.

26 May: The Brooklin Diaries

Have you ever wondered about the making of our high quality 1.43 models? Here is a live example with the master for the new BML 21, a 1941 Buick M-71c Roadmaster Convertible Phaeton, being done. The seats have also been finished and are ready to head to mould making.