Find all the very latest happenings at the Brooklin Models Factory, release datres, deletions and up to the minuet information available any time.

Catalogue Delay

 We have always loved being able to put out a catalogue for everyone each year, the feedback about them has been great.

However there won't be one this year, we expect to put one out early next year if all goes to plan.

You can still find all the information you will need about our upcoming models, complete with images, here on our site.


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Images Of New Releases


As usual at Brooklin Models we have most of our year planned out in advance.
Here are all of the images for our upcoming releases.

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Brooklin Sidewalks sets announced

Our new range of accessories, Brooklin Sidewalks, is being finalised now.

These sidewalk accessories are designed to help present classic American
automobiles in a cabinet display or where presentation space is limited.

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Supertest Oil Tanker

This is the third model in our Classic Commercial vehicles line. The first model was the 1947 Labatt Streamliner (still available) and the 1919 Labatt Keg Truck (discontinued).
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Our Supertest Oil Tanker model made in collaboration with DMP Studios is now available in limited numbers.

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Changes to our spares service

Uniquely, Brooklin Models offers a spare parts service.
Over the years this has become extremely popular but has become time consuming for us to maintain.
We believe that this service is important to our customers so it will continue. However as of 1st May 2015 we will need to make a small charge for this service.

Off the shelf items:
Small (barrel plated)       50p per item
Large (Wire plated)        £1.00 per item

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B.C.C. Meeting This Sunday

The annual Brooklin Collectors Club meeting will once again be held here in Bath.

The A.G.M. is this Sunday, 12th October 2014.

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Streamliner Model Available in Limited Numbers

Our Labatt Streamlliner model made in collaboration with DMP Studios is now available in limited numbers.
If you would like one then order now before they all go.
Details below:

1947 Labatt Streamliner by DMP Studios and Brooklin Models

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Code 2 Model for sale.

 DMP Studios - Brooklin - Code 2 model

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Model Release Date Change

Due to unforseen issues we have had to delay the release of the LDM 109.

The LDM 112 will be released next in July.

Keep an eye on this site for any updates regarding the LDM 109.

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June 2012 Newsletter





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Revised release dates for 2012

JUNE                  P.C. 02 1937 Pontiac Deluxe Six 4-door Convertible      NEW
JUNE                  LDM. 99 1957 Hillman Husky Series I      NEW
JUNE                  BRK. 97b 1955 Dodge Coronet 4-dr (NEW COLOUR)      COLOUR CHANGE

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New Release Images For 2012

We have just uploaded the images of our intended model production for the whole of next year.

Click on this link to go straight there, remember to click on the picture of each car for a bigger image.

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Incorrect spelling on some BRK 173 boxes!!!!

Due to a clerical error (or 'Amanda' as we call her) approximately 175 lables for the BRK 173 boxes were shipped out with the wrong spelling on them.

They should've had 'Monarch Lucerne'  but it ended up as the 'Monarch Lurerne'.

We are sorry for the mistake. If you manage to get your hands on one it'll be one for the 'rare pile'.

Amanda has been flogged, fined and made to correct it on Microsoft Word.

Normal service will resume on Monday.........


Thank you.

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2011 New release images

Images for our 2011 release schedule are available now.

Please note that these image are only intended to give you a rough idea of the appearance of the finished model.

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BM on the BBC

Brooklin Models will be featured on Points West, the south west BBC news station this evening. We were fortunate enough to have the lovely Emma Campbell visit to interview Nigel and take an indepth look at how the models are made. They spent a few hours here and focused quite heavily on our new 1936 Bentley (LDM 81). It was an enjoyable and exciting experience for all of the staff and we are waiting to see which of our gorgeous faces makes it onto the programme which starts at 6.30pm on BBC1.

It will also be available on Sky Channel 986

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Due to a major update of the site there is no Photo Diary this week.
Normal service will resume next week.

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British Brooklin Club A.G.M.

The Annual meeting of the British Brooklin Club will be held on Sunday 17th October 2010.

It will be in Bath and so, naturally, it will be held here at the Brooklin Models factory.

More details to follow.

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Sorry for the delay in uploading the new images for the Web Photo Diary this week.
We are experiencing some gremlins in the system. We've just purchased a large can of bug spray and are hoping to get rid of them soon. Thank you :o)

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"Robeddie range" to be deleted?

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Rob Eddie range may be deleted in the not-to-distant future. We'll keep you informed.

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History Lesson 101

The HISTORY section of the site has now been uploaded.

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Model Release Date Changes

Due to Pattern availability issues the following release dates have had to be revised.

BRK 159 will now be released in October.

BRK 157 will be released in late November.

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Vintage Bentley

Our Mystery Bentley is due for release in a few weeks time. All will be revealed next friday!!!

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Due to rearranged pattern work (the brass masters), please note below the revised delivery dates.

BRK. 139 - 1967 Chevrolet Corvair Monza - May / June 2008

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Rob Eddie Range Change's

Two models have been deleted from our Rob eddie Range.

These are RE 4 - 1950 Volvo PV831 and our RE 13 - 1956 Volvo P1900 Sport.

These have been replaced by RE 4a and RE 13a.

These details were avaiable so time ago in one of our newsletters. 

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Due to rearranged pattern work (the brass masters), please note the revised delivery dates.

BRK. 140 - 1954 Hudson Hornet Convertible - October / November 2007

BRK. 141 - 1937 Lincoln Model K 7-Passenger - December 2007

BRK. 139 - 1967 Chevrolet Corvair Monza - December 2007 / January 2008

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Brooklin Models Announce - The Buick Collection

The first two models in our new range are available now. Over the ensuing years this range will grow to encompass some 130 models. A new button has been added to the top bar so press it now to view the new pieces.

Full details of the range are available in our newsletter.

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Coming Soon......

The Buick Collection......

Watch this space......

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Due to production issues (ie. the Brass Masters arriving at awkward times), the release dates of the FS 06 and the BRK 135 have been swapped around. This amends the dates shown in the catalogue.

FS06: Available June 2007.
BRK 135: Available July/August 2007.

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