1936 Railton Cobham Saloon

Date Deleted : December 31, 2012

LDM 79_0.jpg

Production Run : 2010 - 2013

Railton began producing cars in 1933. Arising from the remnants of the old Invicta Company, the factory was situated in Capt. Noel Macklin’s garden at Cobham. The idea of using a large unstressed American or Canadian engine coupled with bespoke British coachwork was not unique to Railton with a select group of other small manufacturers like Jensen, Lammas-Graham, Atalanta and Brough joining in the fun. These ‘Anglo-American Bastards’ as the type became known, enjoyed a degree of success through the 1930s. With performance to rival or even outclass traditional makers like Lagonda and Bentley but at a lower price the appeal of these cars was obvious. Among Railton’s offerings was the Cobham saloon. With a 0-50 acceleration time of 9.7 seconds and a top speed of just over 90 mph it was a deserved success.


LDM 079