Community Service Vehicles

Community Service Vehicales

This ongoing range will continue to grow year by year. Apart from Fire and Ambulance models, subjects of Hearse and Utility will be explored. Your suggestions are welcome.

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CSV 09
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CSV 07
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1953 Chrysler Imperial Ambulance 'New Brunswick'
CSV 06

The Imperial may seem an unusual choice for an ambulance, but other luxury makes such as Packard and Cadillac were commonly used. Chrysler offered the Crown Imperial in limited long wheelbase form which made the ideal platform for this emergency vehicle.

1953 Packard-Henney Junior 'Hearse'
CSV 05
The Junior version of the Packard Henney was frequently used in smaller towns where dual purpose usage was common. Henney, a famous and respected name in the professional car business, are most frequently associated with Packard, although conversions were carried out on other marques.
1941 Chrysler Saratoga
CSV 04
Fire departments usually had a car or two in their fleets and the Saratoga is a typical example of a Fire cheif's vehicle.
1953 Packard-Henney Junior Ambulance
CSV 03
Henney enjoyed a long association with Packard, building ambulances and hearses. The Junior was the smallest version built by the company.
1954 Studebaker Conestoga Ambulet
CSV 02
Studebaker offered an official 'Ambulette' version of its Conestoga wagon when the model was launched in 1954. Often used by hospital departments in provincial towns in the mid 1950's.
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CSV 01
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The ford F series was adapted for most uses during its lifetime. As a fire truck it was ideally suited for urban duties when dealing with smaller fires where access could be a problem.